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Migrating to Ireland, bucking the trend

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In 2011 Ireland saw a higher number of emigrants than immigrants on an EU level according to a survey by eurostat*, the same year that the government reduced the naturalisation application period for new Irish citizens. In Dublin, the Italian videomaker Valentina Cala meets expat photographers, directors and musicians  who describe how it feels to live in Ireland - and why they are happy

*Eurostat survey

This is the fourth in a series of special monthly city editions on ‘EUtopia on the ground’; watch this space for upcoming reports ‘dreaming of a better Europe’ from Dublin, Zagreb and Helsinki. This project is funded with support from the European commission via the French ministry of foreign affairs, the Hippocrène foundation and the Charles Léopold Mayer foundation for the progress of humankind

Translated from Los nuevos irlandeses, billete sin vuelta a la isla esmeralda