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Image for Micachu and the Shapes, Emilie Simon: your music for October

Micachu and the Shapes, Emilie Simon: your music for October

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Trendy London recommends its top 5 city tracks, we denote a French-flavoured album of the month and find out who Pájaro Sunrise is

Album of the month: The Big Machine by Emilie Simon

(©Universal)The New York-based singer managed to get half the world interested in the spiritual life of the penguin with her soundtrack contribution to Luc Jacquet's 2005 nature film March of the Penguins. The Antarctic dwellers waddled into the hearts of cinema goers, not least thanks to her. Her third album once again features the typical, intelligently arranged mix of electronic elements with playful melodies. This time, however, the Frenchwoman’s enchanting voice performs all of the songs in English, without detracting from Emilie Simon's unique charm. Catch our interview with her on on 9 October in the weekly 'brunch with' interview column

Label: Universal

My favourite album: Done/ Undone by Pájaro Sunrise

(Image: ©

This month we hear from Concha Hierro from the local hub in Seville

(Image: ©Lovemonk/Nova Media'To be honest, I’ve never bought the album, I just listen to it on the internet. If I’m feeling tired or listless, Pájaro Sunrise gives me the energy I need. The music almost sounds a bit rural. Above all, however, it’s optimistic and lively, and recharges rundown batteries straight away. Pájaro Sunrise were a duo from Leon in Spain that was originally a trio - and now the band consists of just one person, Yuri Méndez. If you're anywhere near Valladolid on 10 October, you can catch the indie pop star at the Valladolindies two-day music festival' (Concha Hierro)

Label: Lovemonk/Nova Media

Top five city tracks of the month: London

This month's top five come courtesy of the local hub in the British capital

1. We Have Band

Step into the eighties with one foot in the noughties with this disco-rock trio…

2. Young Fathers

Scottish Beastie Boys?

3. Micachu and the Shapes

You haven’t seen or heard anything like this east London group before. Punches you without pretension. Top DJ Diplo called them his favourite band of the moment this summer

4. Buraka Som Sistema

This has just been made the official Fifa 10 Game song- Kuduro going to be banging on every corner! Watch this: Kalemba (wegue wegue) and read the exclusive interview with the Lisbon-Luanda foursome here

5. Major Lazer

Anyone standing still has no soul for the DJ dream combination of Diplo and Switch. Watch this: Hold The Lineft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold

Label: Universal

(Renata Burns)

Translated from Pinguine & Emilie Simon treffen Pájaro Sunrise - Café Label heißkalt im Oktober