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Image for Map of the week: How much beer is drunk in Europe?

Map of the week: How much beer is drunk in Europe?

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Cenosillicaphobia: the fear of an empty glass. The symptoms include sweating hands, quivering, reduction of body temperature and convulsions. 

In the most severe cases, the affected person may wake up one morning in a coma. But how many of us do not realise that we suffer from this phobia, because our mugs are always full of booze? 

The fewest people aware of the fact that they are suffering from Cenosillicaphobia probably are those in the Czech Republic, where the average citizen consumes 149 litres of beer a year. The Austrians  are definitely b eer connoisseurs   (108 litres per person per year), as are Germany ( 106 litres per person per year) and the Estonians (102  litres per person per year). Surprisingly, the UK trails the rest behind with 69. As for the least beer consumed, it's Montenegro, whose residents only drink 11 litres per capita per year.

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Translated from Mapa tygodnia: ile piwa pije się w Europie?