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Managing Transnational Migration - International Conference in Tallinn

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The international conference “Managing Transnational Migration” organized by Tallinn University’s Institute of Political Science and Governance to take place on the 6th of November 2008.

The conference boasts presenters from 8 countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.The main debate is around the issue: how is it possible to construct a realistic, yet a more open migration policy that would consider both the national state’s needs and alsosociety’s need for cohesion: that would be capable of using the strengths of transnational migration and could avoid harmful consequences.

The presenters will define the essentials of transnationalisation and will introduce the migration policies experience of a number of countries. The conference will culminate with positioning of the presentations in the context of today’s Estonian society and policy making.

The conference is connected with the EU 7th framework programme’s research project Trans-net (Transnationalisation, Migration and Transformation: Multi-level Analysis of Migrant Transnationalism). The working language is English.

Further information will be available in the near future at the Institute’s web page