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Macedonia: fighting patriarchy on-screen

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Teona Strugar Mitevska is a self-professed 'femartivist' who has been a film director since the early 00s. Each of her movies strives to challenge sexism, and particularly the way it is manifest in her home country of Macedonia. Her latest film 'God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya' explores the sensitive issue of religion, and the place of women within it.

You can find other videos from The Artivist on our YouTube channel. This series is directed in partnership with Mr Mondialisation.

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Léa Marchal

Babélienne depuis 2018, je suis éditrice pour le magazine Cafébabel. Je suis également la rédactrice-en-chef du projet Generation Yerevan, co-créatrice du podcast Soupe à l'Union, et journaliste free lance dans les affaires européennes

Morgane Lincy Fercot

Journaliste reporter d'images et de sons, apprentie documentariste et petite fille spirituelle de Jacques Demy et de Nellie Bly.

Translated from Teona Strugar Mitevska : la femartiviste