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Looking back to the old days...

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There is always a time that you look back to your roots in order to better identify yourself..Modern democracy is not very old if we consider how many centuries the world was ruled by kings, monarchs, priests et.c. But why do we have the image that now, in our days democracy - or better say the republic is old-fashioned?

If she looks back to her roots she can find many different types of democracy but what is more known than the old days of the Athenian Democracy ? Historians and political scientists still argue for the very nature of this form of goverment but they agree in three things : Athenian Democracy was the most direct form of democracy, the most long period of direct democracy and the only time that a superpower of its days rose from a democratic form of government. If we all consider ourselves democrates then we all regard Athens as our ancestor, but the question is one : What this ancient knowledge can offer to modern democracies and specially to the European Union? Let's debate over this! What do you think we can do today using elements of the past. Do we need them or not?