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Look back at the 'babelians' of 2009

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From presidents to satirists via musicians and thinkers. Portraits of the people who dotted our citizen media landscape over the past year - follow the links to re-read the articles. Happy holidays!

January 2009

Prague: Czech sculptor David Cerny (Image: ©Lam Thuy Vo)

January 2009

Paris: Swedish singer Lykke Li (Image: ©Atlantics Records)

February 2009

French burlesque star Miss Marion (Image: ©Cindy Gravelat)

February 2009

Berlin: Israeli singer Aviv Geffen (Image: ©

March 2009

German font designer Verena Gerlach (Image: ©Soili Semkina)

April 2009

US president Barack Obama's first visit to Europe since his inauguration was in Prague in April. This campaign image dates from November 2008 (Image: ©Fabien Campoverde)

April 2009

Brussels: German green politician Cem Özdemir (Image: ©

May/ June 2009

Brussels: French-German green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit is renowned for his role in the May '68 student riots (Image: ©Presse-Papier/

July 2009

Spanish losers in love even had a term coined for them: pagafantas (eternally buying fantas for the chicks they're in love with who will never love them back) (Illustration: ©Henning Studte/

August 2009

Stockholm: Swedish pirate party politician Christian Engstroem (Image: ©Cédric Audinot)

September 2009

Istanbul: Turkish band Kim Ki O (Image: ©

September 2009

Berlin: German FDP politician Guido Westerwelle entered our hearts after the German elections, by blowing a fuse here (Image: ©Dirk Vorderstrasses/ Wikimedia)

October 2009

Berlin: Italian activist and documentary maker Lorella Zanardo (Image: ©

October 2009

Paris: French student and politician Jean Sarkozy (Image: GSBear/ Wikimedia)

November 2009

Clermont-Ferrand: French singer Magyd Cherfi (Image: ©Dominique Jouvet/

December 2009

The Virgin Mary reappeared in Ireland... (Image: ©drp/ Flickr)

December 2009

Switzerland and elsewhere: then again, religion in general got a bashing in Europe... (Image: ©Cuba far away/ Flickr)