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Live from Paris...

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inside cafébabel

Today the whole Paris team is working hard for the X hour... Tomorrow will present to its Europe-wide public the first step of its (r)evolutionary website! Babelblogs and profile with a looot of tools will be available to you! Our aim: to build the community of Babelians for the first European media! In this picture, Katharina, the new German editor with the rest of the Paris team.

A lot of people are working to babelblogging. They are coordinated by Vanessa, the community Project Manager, based in Brussels.

Simon trying to explain how to deal with new siteSimon is explaining to every editor how to check the multilingual interface. But not everyone has got his knowledge :-) A special taskforce of translators has already translated it but now editors need to check!

Nabeelah dealing with real-time translation toolNabeelah, the English editor, desperatly seeking to deal with the real-time translation tool...

The Franco-German complicityThe Franco-German complicity at work... In the picture Martin and Prune