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Literary Round-Up: Untold Stories and Metro Rides

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The Poetry Round

The literary round-up will be a regular round-up of news related to poetry, books and culture that have made us smile, sigh or stop and wonder. If there's something you think we should include, tweet us @slender_means - we'd love to hear from you!

Maya Angelou: the agony of untold stories

'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.'

The Afro-American author Maya Angelou, who died this week at the end of 86, left no story untold. She had a searing, heartfelt voice - and we will miss her. We particularly loved Sesame Street's tweet in memory of Angelou (and her hugs).

Edinburgh's book sculptor: off to cross an ocean

The anonymous book sculptor in Edinburgh is up to something! Over the last few years the mysterious artist has left sculptures made out of books in libraries and other literary refugues in Edinburgh. Her last 'gift' was a flock of caged paper birds left at the Edinburgh international book festival in August 2013, with luggage labels instructing the finders to release the birds in cafes, bookshops and libraries that they loved. For a while after the flock of birds, the book sculptor, who calls herself @_freetofly_ on twitter, kept rather quiet. Over the last weeks, however, she's been tweeting photos of new sculptures that she's working on - and on Tuesday 27th May she posted a photo of a parcel 'off to fly across an ocean'. We don't know where her creations will be landing, but we wish them a safe journey!

, in , is reportedly holding a day on which commuters who can recite at least two verses of get to ride on the metro for free. is the 215th anniversary of the Russian bard's birth, and to mark the occasion teachers, librarians, students and schoolchildren will be positioned at the entrances to various metro stations in the city to check whether passengers know their Pushkin. Do commuters get to travel further the more they can recite? We're not yet sure...

Free metro rides for poetry lovers

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