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Lazdynai bridge is falling down

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Some days ago it was announced that the Lazdynai bridge is falling down. The first association it evokes in those who live in Lazdynai is, however, not the famous nursery rhyme, but, "oh no, that means traffic jams in Lazdynai again...


As a half of the road was closed because of the reparations of the bridge, I walked three stops one day just to avoid being stewed in a trolleybus for half an hour or waiting in vain at the bus stop. I walked together with other people who shared the same destiny, as the traffic jam, like a fat slimy worm, was writhing beside us. It could have been a nice walk past a nice green valley and blossoming chestnut trees. Yet the traffic jam was emitting sticky smog, which soon covered our hair and could be slightly felt on the skin. There must have been alternative paths, which would have enabled us to avoid the road, but we didn't know them. The greenery of the valley looked uninterrupted by anything suitable for those who walk in office shoes.

I'm really determined now to ask anyone I meet who knows anything about Lazdynai to help me find pedestrian or bicycle paths which could lead from Lazdynai to Lukiskes.