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Image for Last look at the EU president candidates (11 images)

Last look at the EU president candidates (11 images)

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On 19 November, the first ever EU president will be announced at a Brussels summit organised by the current Swedish presidency of the EU. The two-and-a-half year term would begin on 1 January 2010

Herman Van Rompuy (Image: Luc Van Braekel/ Wikimedia)

The Flemish speaking Belgian prime minister  (christian democrat) leads the race to become the next president of the EU council, and is backed by France and Germany

(Image: ©Downing Street/ Flickr)

Here is the 62-year-old former economist alongside British PM Gordon Brown (right), who openly endorses his predecessor Tony Blair

Tony Blair (Image: ©World Economic Forum/ Flickr)

Though the 56-year-old Labour politician hasn't said anything officially, and by consensus is a weaker candidate after his role in the 2003 Iraq war

David Miliband (Image: ©Downing Street/ Flickr)

The UK foreign policy chief, pictured here at an event in Birmingham, firmly and politely has told the press and other EU heads that he already has a job, thankyou

With Hillary Clinton, April 2009 (Image: ©Downing St/ Flickr)

Today the 44-year-old is more in the news after the US secretary of state admitted to having a crush on him

Jean-Claude Juncker (Image: Martin Möller/ Wikipedia/ Aachen)

Merkel's predecessor Gerhard Schröder has put his bucks behind another Benelux candidate, the 55-year-old Luxembourg prime minister (christian democrat)

(Image: Wikimedia)

Juncker with former Russian president and current Russian PM Vladimir Putin

Jan Peter Balkenende (Image: ©World Economic Forum/ Flickr)

Rompuy's main competition is the 53-year-old Dutch prime minister (christian democrat)

Tarja Halonen (Image: megapolis/

The current Finnish president, 62, is a socialist candidate

Vaira Vike-Freiberga (Image: ©World Economic Forum/ Flickr)

Or will another redhead be taking the helm of the EU? At 72, the former Latvian president is also the oldest candidate for the post

Toomas Hendrik Ilves (Image: ©Jeffrey G3/ Flickr)

Like his Latvian colleague, the Estonian president (social democrat), 55, declared himself as a late contender for the race