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Jonas Dassler: a new generation of german cinema

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Jonas Dassler is one of the ten "European Shooting Stars" of the Berlinale 2020. After studying at the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin, he played in Julia Langhoff's film "LOMO". He was nominated for the German Film Prize for Fatih Akin's film "The Golden Glove". His next role is in Lena Stahl's film "Mein Sohn".

Find more information about Jonas Dassler here.

These interviews have been made by Luis Jachmann at the Berlinale 2020, in partnership with European Film Promotion.

Cover picture : © Stefan Klüter

Story by

Luis Nicolas

Journalist for German TV WDR and Euronews Video artist and photographer Former Master student at Sciences Po Paris and BA in Berlin, Humboldt University

Translated from Jonas Dassler : la nouvelle génération du cinéma allemand