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Joint release from Babel International and Mr Fernando Navarro

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The French version is the only authoritative document The French association Babel International and Mr. Fernando Navarro are pleased to announce that both parties have come to a friendly settlement with regards to the conflict that arose out of Mr Navarro’s dismissal.The Association recognises that the motives for this dismissal were not appropriate.

This is a public apology to Mr Navarro, regretting the material and moral prejudice which its former employee underwent following the decision.   The Association sincerely wishes that Mr Navarro’s professional reputation does not suffer anymore as a result of this regrettable litigation.It will publish this declaration on the homepage of the ‘coffeefactory’ column of the magazine website in six languages – French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish – over a period of four weeks. This announcement will also go out in four weekly newsletters and be diffused amongst all of the members of the General Assembly, as well as its employees.