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It makes me sick!

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Let's imagine a Frenchman is lost in Manchester: he wouldn't have any trouble guessing that the shop with the pharmacy sign above the door is a pharmacy, the same applies if he is looking for a farmàcia in Seville or a farmacìa in Naples. In the same way further north, a German would easily find an Apotheke in Holland, apotheek, or in Krakow, apteka. These two words come from the Greek, one represents the use of medicine and the other a repository.

On the other hand, an American on a trip to Europe will not have the same luck. If he falls ill in Marseille, it isn't certain he will find the same thing in the French drugstores that he would at home. If he decides to cross the Channel to England in order to find his medication he will be told he can find some in a chemist - and that's where he risks becoming seriously ill!

Translated from J'en suis malade !