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Have you always dreamed of travelling across Europe with your backpack and camera, but the state of your wallet has quickly depressed you? Then open your eyes and prepare your goals, because with Interrail, we've put together the best plan for the summer holidays.

You cannot not miss it. Last week, Cafébabel received the prestigious Altiero Spinelli Award for the project Borderline. Through this project we made you discover Poland its youth and its borders as you have never seen them, through eight cities and testimonies, stories and photos more original than the others. Through our various projects and reports, we also showed you the faces of inequality in Lithuania, the 9289 km of Moscow to Vladivostok aboard the Trans-Siberian, rural deserts France, Italy and Spain . And the trip continues.

For once, you are given the opportunity to go on your own. In partnership with Interrail, you are offered two passes worth 900 euros to travel through Europe, unlimited for one month. It's a gift, it's like that at Cafébabel. With the pass in your pocket, you will have access, during the whole month of July, to not less than 37 railway companies and ferries, in more than 30 countries. From Finland to Bulgaria, Croatia to Netherlands, or Montenegro to Ireland, we leave it to you, to choose your itinerary and tell us your story as you please. Arm yourself with your cameras, lenses, tripods, we want to take full eyes. If you are more micro and video, Cafébabel is also hot to expand its collection of podcasts and documentaries.

And you know us, we do not even ask you to be pro to let you express yourself. To choose the two of you who will have the chance to win the pass, we have organised a contest, which is obviously open to all.

So how does it work ?

You have until May 20 to respond to our online survey. Do not miss the deadline! Promised, no trick questions: we just want you to tell us who you are and that you offer us a pitch on your European road-trip project. You want to talk about environment, feminism, rurality, life style of any kind ... by browsing 1, 2, 5, 10 countries thanks to the Interrail pass, do it! Show us what Europe in real life is for you .

We will carefully select the top 10 projects from the questionnaire responses. Then your destiny will be in the hands of our Facebook community, who will vote to elect the two lucky winners. We will unveil the names at the end of May, which will give us just enough time to organise the European trip you have always dreamed of. Do not thank us, you are worth it.

Photo de couverture : (cc) Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay

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Translated from Partez en Interrail journalistique avec Cafébabel