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Internet and Democracy: Do They Really Go Together?

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Jevgeni Morozovi will give a public lecture on the relationship between internet and democracy next Friday in the Hall of the Open Estonia Foundation.

Since the cyber attacks Estonia suffered some almost three years ago, the relation between internet, IT development and democracy gained a privileged spot in the international discussion.

On the 5th of April, thanks to the activism of the Open Estonia Foundation, Jevgeni Morozov will discuss this issue trying to find answers to the questions above.

Morozov is the Open Society Institute in New York researcher, who is investigating the effects of the Internet world, with a focus on authoritarian societies. In addition, Morozov writes on technology and new media to actively contribute to such publications as The Economist, Newsweek, Foreign Policy, Boston Review and The International Herald Tribune.

Moderator of the event will be Mr. Linnar Viik, , Estonian Information Technology College and the faculty member of the Council.

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