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In Foorum we trust. Not.

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Quite a bizzarre day is today. I have been walking outside the Old Town, moving your eyes up to the Foorum screen and discovering what...? That we have 30C at 5pm! Unbelievable. Disappointing even. What happened to our beloved Baltic capital? Where is the cold we are so much used to complain about? Where are our clouds, grey friends we know we can count on?

Months ago, while winter has been nothing more than a pale shadow of what it should have been, we used to joke saying that we would have welcomed a bit of global warming up here.

Not much, indeed. Just the amount we needed for not being scared about going to the supermarket, nothing else!

And look at what is happened now.


I cannot take that number out of my mind.

As I cannot stop thinking that, if I'd close my eyes and restart walking around, I might even feel perfectly at my hometown.

Which is not Copenhagen nor Brest.

It is Cagliari, Italy.