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Have you ever decided about how you would encounter your Juliet and Romeo to spend the rest of your life with? By introducing your family and friends or find him/her in the street with coestince which calls also Love at first sight or find him or her in the internet world. If you still could not find through these ways there is other options of course.

If you believe yourself to introduce yourself in front of the billions of audiences which is much more popular today all over the world, you may be chosen to be in a reality TV dating shows. You might be finding her or him within 10mins. These are happenings in our life. It happened since history decades ago and it will definitely be happening in the future. Just matching or dating trend is changing. In this paper I am going to compare two of the countries which are quite familiar with each other from the perspective of traditions. Because nowadays through the modern dating ways, which includes TV programs, it’s discussed that do these programs affect the society and traditions or not. Do the dating programs destroy the traditions or values or not? My main research will be based on these questions.


As it’s known to us, dating is a very significant part of establishing a relationship before the marriage and before setting up a family. On that sense both in Turkey and China family value is very important to citizens so that finding one’s Romeo or Juliet is very important not only for the couples but also for the whole families behind him/her.


In Turkey there are more than 30 dating ways,We can separate them into 2 categories which are traditional and modern way dating and marriages . In the traditional way which can reflect much more to the Turkish traditions if male or female want to marry with each other both of them should get permission from their families or from the relatives. There are many reasons but one of the reasons is that and its also common believes that with the marrying of the couples families will be marrying too. It’s the marriage between two families. Because of that most of families try to find someone who is much more suitable for their daughters and son. Nowadays this situation calls backward-old fashion. But in Turkey most of people choose this way because of surveys proved that marriages which are done with this way continue long time with the happiness. In China situation is the same. During the ancient time families afforded to find someone for their children. They were going through matchmakers that included family members or friends... At the beginning the matchmaking was unprofessional which means helping to someone find wife and husband was free but then it become as a professional job. Matchmakers began to earn money. A good example to illustrate is one job called “Meiren” in ancient China, that is to say, the matchmaker. Often they are women who devote themselves into making two persons a couple with knowing lots of unmarried ones especially girls. Also matchmakers are divided into two kinds-official matchmakers and private ones. Seen from this, one could get to know that “Meiren” have had a vital influence on marriage. A good matchmaker might be an outstanding persuasive talker. And until today matchmaking system becomes much more professional through the dating companies, through the internet or via TV not just in China or in Turkey but all over the world. Nowadays TVs is like the fathers and mothers of the society because of that children prefer to going to the dating programs....