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Image for Homo Urbanus Europeanus: man vs. urban European city (26 images)

Homo Urbanus Europeanus: man vs. urban European city (26 images)

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What happens when a French photographer spends two years visiting 25 European cities? Avoiding landmarks, this black and white series has been exhibited in Bulgaria, France and Germany, with premieres due in Estonia, Poland and the UK in September and October 2009. Recognise a corner?

Rome (©

For the Homo Urbanus Europeanus project Jean Marc Caracci likes to say that he is 'working for Europe'

Tallinn (©

Caracci visited over twenty capitals in 15 months, a photographic marathon

Bratislava (©

The project started in Bratislava in 2007

Reykjavik (©

'On a philosophical level, the project certainly takes on a political dimension,' says the photographer

Prague (©

'By using Europe and particularly its capitals as a frame, the idea is to gather allEuropean countries together through photography'

Istanbul (©

'... whether they are part of Europe yet or not.'

Vilnius (©

'The images of the project, whether shot in Warsaw, Tallinn or Paris, are
characterised by their 'Europeanness''

Sofia (©

'As much as possible, national and cultural particularities are not shown in the photographs'

Berlin (©

'Looking at the photos, it is difficult to recognise any country or city'

Madrid (©

'...unless perhaps you are one of the inhabitants yourself'

Paris (©

'But everybody is able to recognise Europe in all of them'

Riga (©

The Homo Urbanus Europeanus project is a way of depicting similarities between European cities

Madrid (©

It also concerns loneliness in the city

Oslo (©

Jean-Marc's subject has always been man...

Sofia (©

... caught by himself in one moment...

Paris (©

... and especially in the urban environment

Brussels (©

He is trying to seize, stop moments of life

Bucharest (©

This is done in a modest way to perpetuate the moments in the history of photography

Stockholm (©
Tirana (©
Vienna (©
Berlin (©

Catch Caracci's outdoor and indoor exhibition in Balingen, Germany, from 3 July to 6 September 2009

Tallinn (©

From 10 - 30 September 2009 the exhibition goes to Tallinn, Estonia at the 'House of Europe'

Warsaw (©

The exhibition will be on in Szczecin, Poland at the 'FotArt' gallery from 2 October to 17 2009

Ljubljana (©

On the other side of Europe, the Homo Urbanus Europeanus project been selected to appear as a slideshow in the This is Not a Gateway (TINAG) festival in London

Zagreb (©

View the current Homo Urbanus Europeanus portfolio at: