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Hamburg G20: "Welcome to hell"

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"Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!" The protesters might have tried their best to state their case, but Hamburg was completely taken over by police in the days surrounding the G20 Summit. Empty avenues, omnipresent police vans and helicopters; the city was transformed. "Welcome to Hell".

The city of Hamburg transformed into a minor police state for the duration of the G20 Summit. While Angela Merkel hosted Putin, Macron, Erdogan, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, the streets were brimming with unrest, which turned more and more violent as the day went on. Radical left-wing groups clashed with the police. On Thursday, cars were set on fire all around the Altona neighborhood in West Hamburg. On Friday evening, it was the central Sternschanze streets that hosted a fiery decor for the "No G20" calls that littered the entire city.