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Green Prospects in the Hungarian EP Campaign

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The eight parties eligible to run at the Hungarian 2009 EP Elections are rather focused on internal, national conflicts and themes than on the European political groups’ priorities and programmes. Nevertheless environmental issues are quite common on the agenda of Hungarian political parties who seek support from voters.

Check out the EP-campaign spots of the 8 parties running for the EP elections in Hungary!

MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party)

The Socialist Party, the biggest governmental party also comments on national political strains in its EP campaign. But besides the internal messages aiming at problems with a rather Hungarian scope, its EP election programme contains reference on the reform of carbon quota commerce, on the usage of energy saving light bubbles, the promotion of passive houses (low energy buildings) and emphasizes the importance of fighting against climate change and promoting renewable energy resources

MSZP EP campaign spot


The former governmental party, FIDESZ (on government from 1998 to 2002) has joint to the EP Elections along with the Christian Democrat Party and prepared a 283-pages long campaign document which includes an exhaustive description on the overall political programme of the party. The programme comprises detailed comments on the required changes for the current environmental and climate policy and its enforcement. The document also contains an elaborative description on a reform of selective waste management system.

Fidesz EP campaign spot

SZDSZ (Alliance of Free Democrats)

Although SZDSZ used environmental issues quite frequently in its political agenda over the past two decades, but this topic does not have the same importance as it had previously. Their campaign is rather focused on an anti-far-right concept and on the protection of minorities, different cultures and thoughts. Nevertheless the sustainable development, adequate energy policy along with the importance of an adequate climate policy is one of the key issues in its EP political programme.

SZDSZ EP campaign spot

MDF (Hungarian Democratic Forum)

The slogan of the Hungarian Democratic Forum is quite implicative: Green, not just in its colour, but in its heart! The environmental political programme of MDF is rather built on the debate document by one of its former members. OLAJOS Péter, an EP member and now a former member of the Hungarian Democratic Forum, has prepared a controversial document called Green Hungary Development Model and promotes the theory of Greenovation. According to the leading member of the MDF EP list, BOKROS Lajos, the governmental incentives and EU funds need to be allocated to certain areas that serve the future generation and future investments. Green investments can be regarded as one pillar of this concept.

MDF EP campaign spot

LMP-HP (Politics Can Be Different – Humanist Party)

As a new power on the Hungarian political palette, LMP-HP has not just used environmental issues as a sort of compulsory element of its programme but as one of its main message carriers through the campaign. The whole political programme of LMP-HP is based on the concept of Green New Deal. as a core element to remedy the financial crunch, the promotion of green investments and establishment of green workplaces. The whole programme can be found here

LMP-HP EP campaign spot


One of the main environmental issues in the campaign programme of Jobbik is the establishment of an armed “Green Commando” which along with other re-established institutions such as meadow-guards, shall catch and penalize criminals who endangered or intend to endanger the environment. The concept of a ”Green Commando” has already existed in Hungarian jurisprudence, because an initiative under the very same name started in 2004 aiming to conduct joint surveys and on site measures with the cooperation of environmental, municipal, police and other authorities.

Jobbik EP campaign spot

MCF Roma Összefogásért Párt (MCF Roma Unity)

The members on the list of MCF Roma Összefogás Párt are delegated by a coalition of Gypsy organizations and the Party explicitly aims to strengthen the representation of Gypsy minorities at a European level and helps to find funds and solutions for people who live in deep poverty. The EP list leader of the MCF Roma Összefogásért, KISS Zsolt, also stated that besides the protection of minority rights, the environmental, employment and educational issues are also close to the party.

MCF Roma Összefogás Párt EP campaign spot

Munkáspárt (Hungarian Communist Workers Party)

If Munkáspárt gets a mandate in the 2009 EP Elections, the Party intends to join the European Left/Green Parties and aims to strengthen the social pillar of the European Union and guarantees the people's right to housing, health and to a healthy environment.

Munkáspárt EP campaign spot