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Going to America

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Adriano Farano


No, not forever. Just to meet the people of Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, New York Times with an idea in mind: digging out new ideas in order to improve I will be visiting Martin Luther King and George W. Bush ‘s homeland during three chilly and yet sparkling weeks.

All this made possibile thanks to that post war America that, with the Fulbright Act, came to understand how the key to win the Cold War was all about conquering the hearts and minds of the mankind throughout the world. By inviting students (such as the Fulbright scholaship) or young leaders from the entire world in order for those people to get to know the stars and stripes counterparts of their work environment. I'll be there thanks to the that attracts every year 5000 youths from all over the world: a masterpiece Europe should bet on as well. This is also a great opportunity, for which I would like to thank the Franco-American Vanessa. I will be accompanied by a US retired diplomat who will be my guardian angel. I hope to introduce him to you all very soon. Provisional programme:

During this trip, I promise, I will be doing my utmost to describe my encounters and impressions, with the eyes of someone who has lived the eurogeneration and goes to USA to tell about it…So, please stay tuned on our channel "Eurogeneration in America". But in the end let me propose you a must among the songs worldwide, a true leader…Renato Carosone. Because “he got it”

International Visitor Leadership Program

Washington San Francisco Tampa, Florida New York City

P.S. If you have any tips and suggestions about landmarks to be seen, friends worth bringing a chocolate box...let me know, I am waiting for comments or email...

Translated by Alessandro Mancosu

Translated from Auf nach Amerika!