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God bless our babelblogs

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From Prishtina to Kiev with our new reporters project, via Istanbul and the US along the comic soundtrack of Europe - by Groucho Marx and Tim Burton

Golden vibrating Babel reporters

Prune, our sexy former French editor-in-chief, has been appointed head of our new 'Babel Reporters' project and just kickstarted her second blog (English). Remember dildos and vibrating warriors you’ve read about on her first blog EUrotik (French and soon to come in English)? Well, what Prune wants most from future Babel Reporters is 'flexibility and improvisation' - can you handle it? First stop: Ukraine in January

There’s normal life in Turkey too (English, Turkish) covers all things 'Turkish' from terrorist attacks and an excellent feature on hostage drama, to endangered cultural heritage, architecture, student life, night life and festivals in the Turkish city. I was delighted to read and I have to admit, a bit ashamed as well - isn’t it awful how little most of us know about this country and how easily we reduce it to violation of human rights/ women murders cliché?!

Going underground in Prishtina

The (English) blog has come to life minutes before final election results and deadline talks on independence hit the southern Serb province this December. The team (French, Catalan, English and Italian journalists and photographer) have just come back from the latest 'Cities on the ground' editorial monthly project to the city. Check out a selection of photo impressions (English) from the city whilst you watch out for our special city edition, published on 2 January 2008

Eurogeneration goes to America

Our Eurogeneration has embraced America, with an autumn trip covering San Francisco, NYC, Washington and St. Petersburg in Florida, meeting amongst others in the latter the dynamic team from Wikipedia - 12 employees, created in 2001, multilingual site ... sound familiar?

This week's new entry amongst recently created babelblogs is the inventive 'Light and Darkness' (Catalan, German, Spanish, French) blog by Fernando, a blogger living in Spain. He is not only a film expert but an intelligent and ironic observer of political and social Europe. Read his latest Groucho Marx and Tim Burton reviews of this funny film called 'Europe'

Check out our top ten blog chart and read more about participatory journalism on's coffeefactory (Catalan, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, English)