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German court wary of EU treaty power shift

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Libere Paroli

Written by Dániel Antal

During a hearing, Germany’s Supreme Court has voiced concerns that the Lisbon Treaty may leave its national parliament powerless, fuelling fears that judges may rule the treaty unconstitutional or at least order modifications to the text, writes EurActiv. The two-day hearing, however, only marks the opening of the court’s examination. A ruling is not expected before May.

The decision is highly expected all over Europe. What makes the ruling specially interesting in my region is that the Central European legal systems are very much similar to the German, often based on a shared legal history or simply modeling the strongest country in the neighborhood. The German Constitutional Court, which was a novelty in the world when established, has served as a role model in many Central European countries. The decision of the German court may have a very strong influence on other countries.

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