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Image for Gay, lesbian and kid pride in 'cool' Cologne

Gay, lesbian and kid pride in 'cool' Cologne

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Just days before Cologne’s Gay Pride festival, the city’s gay community is in full swing. Out in the streets, events are being organised. All around, children are running about and local fashion craftsmen profit by selling their elaborate objects. View our photo gallery from Cologne in early summer, between fiesta and creativity. Report from Aleksandra Molak


Man, the shop selling erotic accessories for men, just a stones throw away from the Blue Lounge gay club


Veedelsfest, a street festival organised by Cologne’s gay community a week before Gay Pride, attracted more than 700, 000 people on 5 July 2009. This makes it the largest such event in Germany

Gay games

From 31 July until 7 August, the eighth Gay Games will take place in Cologne. More than 46, 000 people are anticipated for the opening ceremony


Since 2002, festivities around the Gay Pride have extended to a programme of events across many weeks

Secret capital

Cologne’s gay community boasts being the gay capital of Germany

Magasin populaire, Belgian quarter


Monika Tambour is a seamstress and shop owner in the Belgian quartier


One Saturday afternoon in one of Cologne’s residental streets. Outside of the city centre away from the tourists, locals invade the road with flea markets and barbecues


Carnival atmosphere : shopkeepers get out the sound systems, mixing music and selling alcohol


Cosmopolitan and energetic: the district’s festivals give the impression of a young and dynamic German town


Stephanie Weber is a social assistant for the Anyway association. She deals with the problems encountered by the gay youth. She also sings for The Ladies, a soul lesbian group


Guil Zekri, the owner of the Reinkarnation tattoo studio in the Belgian quarter

Rolling kids

In the Belgian quarter grown-ups dressed in white pose as the white pedestrian lines to leap over

Rolling kids 2

The street campaign is organised to teach young children how to use pedestrian crossings

Gay club

The Ladies play in the Blue Lounge, a ladies gay club in the city centre

Girl band

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Translated from Les visages de la cool attitude à Cologne