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Floods in Dubai

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When I was going to Dubai, I hoped not to see a single cloud all year round. I thought that was the one privilege of living in the desert. I didn't even cross my mind that I will be witnessing a full blown flood! It has been raining for a few days (honestly, in Europe such rain would hardly do any damage - just an autumn series of strong showers.

In Dubai, however, four days of rain resulted in:

complete flooding of most streets and parking in some parts of the city 500 car accidents in just one day of strong rain closing of the schools for two days gigantic traffic jams()

() While traffic jams in Dubai tend to be gigantic overall, what was happening on the roads yesterday was beyond human imagination. Cars, like boats, slowly moving through the streets, which turned into rivers. Blocked tunels. In some critical communication nods in Dubai passing though 1 kilometer took over 2 hours.

Here are some photos of one of the districts of Dubai that was most touched by heavy rains (the one neighboring the Emirate of Sharjah):


I wish I had such a lovely red umbrella...


The meeting point of two rivers


You have to deal, pull up your traditional outfit...

nad morzem

Almost like a beach

A small lake

dalsze proby

Desperate attempts to pump the water out


A lone ship amidst the ocean

ulice czy rzeki samochody czy amfibie

A street or a river? Cars or boats?


These guys come prepared


Apparently you were still able to make it on a bike

Fortunately, it stopped raining today!

PS. No photo credits, because I personally took all these photos. Yes, it was cold and wet.