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Finding a name - episode II

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inside cafébabel

Thanks to all those who participated to the debate about giving a name to our future community

Many proposals were made, most of which were very interesting. We also came up with some ideas, like "Barzine", as an café like place being a sort of balance for the magazine part of


Discussing the issue with our graphic designer,

Considering the various issues we're facing,

and according to Robert Jonhson's proposal (see comments) - the funny thing is that we don't know who that guy is :-),

The community, as such will...

Have no name

But a specific graphic design

linked of course to general design

This design will appropriately identify this speficic part of where participation and membership is put forward.

Why such a choice ?

Various matters & solutions

- difficulties to find a catchy name in the various languages of

- risk of creating a "new", distinct "product" , while it's just a part of, not something different

- already contains the "values" expressed in the community : debate, place where you feel, good, cultural diversity etc...

- is a media, relying on a communty of readers and contributers.

- Such a distinction between editorial and "community" contents (blogs, chats, forum, commentaries on articles) strenghtned with a distinct name is artificial, as both type of contents will be highly integrated.

% - we can find graphic solutions to this problem. And graphics go beyond languages.

Thanks though, for your contributions, which were very useful to have the debate goes forward. Some of the material you suggested will certainly be used in other fields.

Soon, episode III