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Finally we are back... and with some news about next events in Sarajevo

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Cafe Babel Sarajevo is back after some days with technical problems of the website.

A bit late, but here you have some of the nicest events that Sarajevo will host in the next days of this week. 18th May

20.30h- The movie 'Fox and his friends'(Nasilje slobode), directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in Kino Bosna


30h- A concert of Vasil Hadžimanov, Miško Plavi & Srdan Dunkic Johnny in City Pub

19th May

20h-Wine testing in the Opera

21h- A concert of Faja Acoustic Trio in Club Mash

21h- Student Party in Pink Houdini

20th May

14h- Book Promotion of "Judeo Spanish language in BiH" in the Bosniak Institute

20h- DJ Sanjo in Opera

21h- Evening of domestic Pop-Rock Music in Club Mash

22h- Deep Sexy House in Baghdad

23h- Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina) / Funkaomics and 4 Jays in Dom Mladih

23h- Ammara & 4 in Pink Houdini

21st May

12h- Novo Sarajevo Cup in the Olimpic Pool Sarajevo

20h- Children´s Music Festival-Linofest 2011 in Bosnian Culture Center

20h- El Mano in Opera

21h- DJ Tarik in City Pub

22h- Cocktail Party in Pink Houdini

22h- Concert of Zoster in Coloseum Club

22h- House Session in Baghdad

22nd May

20h- Horror Night: Night Watch, directed by Timur Bekmamvetov in Kino Bosna

21h- Latin Night in Coloseum Club

22h- Karaoke night in The club Soundstage and bar

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