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FEJS-Macedonia Launces Mladiinfo

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Few days ago, the guy from the Forum for European Journalism Students started a really interesting initiative for spreading useful informations about grants, scholarships and different oppurtunities for helping young people in their educational process.

In November 2008, FEJS-Macedonia launched the international web portal, Mladi Info is new web page aiming in one place to group all studying possibilities, scholarships, grants, trainings and conferences, various calls, working and internship opportunities.

The idea is to help young people to accomplish their goals as well as to complete their education. That would be a unique and useful media consisted of useful advices, tips and hints. Moreover different news, focused on youth and the educational process will found their place on goal is to help and assist young people all around the World, which is why the language of the portal is English.

Please feel free to send us the information about your activities, campaigns, events, projects etc. we would be happy to publish it.

Finally, we would be grateful if you share the information about to your friends, colleagues, associates.