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1. Do I have to be European to contribute to Cafébabel?

No, you don’t have to be European to contribute to our magazine or to translate published articles. All you have to do is find non-institutional stories that our readership of young Europeans can relate to.

2. Do I have to create a profile to contribute to Cafébabel?

In order to pitch a story, you don’t need to have a profile. However, once you have turned your pitch into a complete article with the help of your editor, you will have to create a profile to become the story’s author. In order to translate for Cafébabel, you need to create a profile.

3. Can I contribute to Cafébabel if my mother tongue is not among those proposed?

We always recommend contributors to work in their mother tongue. If you mother tongue is not included in Cafébabel’s five official languages, then choose the language you are most comfortable working in.

4. Can I pitch photo or video content to Cafébabel?

Yes! Cafébabel is a multimedia magazine that publishes written, photographic and video content.

5. Who finances Cafébabel?

Cafébabel is published by the non-profit organisation Babel International. Babel International is funded by both public and private institutions, and its main partner is the Europe for Citizens programme led by the European Commission. Cafébabel’s editorial and political independence are guaranteed through its editorial vision.

6. Who edits the articles published on Cafébabel?

Each language version has its own editor. Editors reply to pitches and accompany contributors up until their article is published. Editors are also in charge of editing translations before these are published.

7. Do contributors and translators get feedback on their work?

Absolutely! Our editors will be with you throughout the research, writing and editing process and are more than happy to provide feedback whenever necessary.

8. Where is the magazine based?

The main newsroom is located in Paris. However, we have offices in Brussels, Madrid and Rome.

9. How can I join a local team?

All you have to do is go to our contact page and contact the local team directly. They will then get in touch with the main newsroom and we will take it from there. The more the merrier!

10. How can I create a local team in my city?

A local team can be created as long as there are at least three members. The goal of local teams is to represent and develop Cafébabel’s activities beyond its existing newsrooms.

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