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Image for Expo '92 site, Seville: 17 years of gone glory

Expo '92 site, Seville: 17 years of gone glory

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As the city explodes in a fury of religion, Sunday best and show during Semana Santa, a discernable quiet reigns on the other side of the Guadalquivir river. Glance at the urban decay and unsustainable 215 hectares of ‘Carthusian island’, or the ‘Isla de la Cartuja’

Outside the monorail

After the second world war, Seville held the second Universal Exposition in Europe, after Brussels (1958)

Pavilion of the Future

17 years on, the venue of the Isla de la Cartuja (Carthusian island) has not achieved the aims it marked out in the closing ceremony of the Universal Exposition 1992. It took place between April and October of the same year

Spaceship - the landmark icon of the Pavilion of the Future

Themed ‘The Age of Discovery’, it celebrated 500 years of the discovery of the Americas (by Christopher Columbus), with over 100 countries participating with ‘themed’ pavilions

Neglected public gardens

The complex network of interests and national, regional and municipal actions provoked the abandonment and deterioration of these pavilions

Pavilion of the Future deteriorated

They were not taken over by institutions and public or private entities fast enough

The various pavilions on the site, most now dismantled, are linked internally by vast roads

Rusted, out of order monorail

Once upon a time it offered a panoramic view of the entire Expo 92 site


Decorated with the Expo 92 symbol, which are practically overgrown

Communal areas

Aspects of many of the communal zones on the site reflect the slovenliness of the competent authorities

The site is supposed to be a technology park of reference in Europe

But it remains an example of bad post-event organisation. Perhaps they should learn from the folks at Expo Zaragoza 2008