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European Union Supported by 84 per Cent of Citizens in Estonia

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According to the survey organised by the research company TNS Emor, support for Estonia’s membership in the European Union remains stably high as at September of this year – 84 per cent of voting-age citizens of Estonia support it. Support has remained at the same level since May 2007.

Estonia’s membership in the European Union is not supported by 13 per cent of the people, 3 per cent cannot answer the question.

The percentage of Estonians and other nationalities that are citizens of Estonia and support the European Union is equal.

The adoption of the common European currency in Estonia is supported by 47 per cent of all inhabitants aged 15-74. Among Estonians, the support for the Euro is higher (51 per cent) than among other nationalities (41 per cent).

There are fewer people opposed to the Euro than those who support the Euro – 45 per cent.

The level of support for the adoption of the Euro in Estonia was the highest at the end of 2007, when 52 per cent of all people aged 15-74 expressed their support.

TNS Emor conducted the phone survey between 2-9 September, among 500 people aged 15-74. 393 of these were voting-age citizens of the Republic of Estonia.

The survey was ordered by the State Chancellery.