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European Playlist of the Week: American Dreams

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Since Columbus stumbled upon its shores, America - from Canada to Argentina - has bewitched Europe. Call it love or lust, the New World has been inspiring Europe's dreamers, adventurers and troubadours for over 500 years.

Canada-Milow (2009)

A requiem for unfulfilled dreams of stardom in the Great White North.

L'Amerique-Joe Dassin (1970)

This hymn to the American dream echoes the hopes of generations of European migrants.

Natalia w Bruklinie-El Dupa (2010)

A young Polish lass dreams of a better life on distant shores.

Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano-Renato Carsone (1958)

Italians and their descendants form one of the largest diasporas in the world with a culture that has had a strong influence in the New World.

No hay marcha en Nueva York-Mecano (1988)

The other side of the American dream: culture shock and miscommunication leads to disenchantment as our heroine longs to return home.

Amerika-Rammstein (2010)

A poignant critique of the modern world of Americanisation.

Englishman in New York-Sting (1987)

Reflections of the differences between British and American culture and the life of a legal alien living in the United States.

Leyenda negra-Antonia Font (2012)

This Spanish group doesn't shy away from the harsh reality of European colonisation: the genocide of most of the indigenous populations of the Americas.

Ma cabane au Canada-Line Renaud (1947)

In this French classic, Canada, the country of idyllic and unspoilt nature, is a place of happiness for Line Renaud.