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European culture of capital

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It was only recently that I heard one funny story: presenting Lithuania to the global audience, Miss Lithuania 2008 has invited everyone to "Vilnius - the European culture of capital" instead of "capital of culture". The popular cultural magazine "Pravda" has nominated the phrase as the phrase of the year. Miss Lithuania's reaction is funny too.

Judging from , she doesn't really get what was wrong. She says that her words were "told sincerely and spontaneously".

this interview

Contrary to the opinion to the journalist who was writing up this news piece, implying that Miss Lithuania made a disgrace to Lithuania, I want to express my most sincere support to the girl. She said it right! She was like this child in the famous tale about the king's new clothes. She was the one to tell the world that the king is naked! And it sounds good only in English, having in mind the dual meaning of capital. This girl, chosen to represent her country because of her physical properties, has said it better than all the critical intellectuals writing about the multiple problems of this year (including me). It's indeed the culture of capital. So, come see it - I'm not saying it's beautiful, but interesting for sure :}