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EU Watches-Israel Sinks Our Ship

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Ozcan Tikit


It has been 9 days…we are watching an alive horror movie directed by Israel, I don’t know what do you think about this movie but I am pretty much sad for watching this horrible scenario. 10 days…result: 600 lives…1 live is 1 human, child, father, mother, brother or a sister.

It is really difficult to find a word to protest these dishonest attacks, the scenes from broadcasted from TV’s are completely unbearable. Thousands of Turkish people took part in demonstrations in Istanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir streets to protest Israel’s unfair attacks. Turkish PM Mr Erdogan visited Middle East countries for collaboration and provide conditions for a cease-fire. Unfrotunately still there is no hope for cease-fire because Israel goverment needs to kill more innocent people to be winner of the parliamentary election. Bytheway Mr. Bush condemned innocent. I have no idea about their reasons but it’s so weir and European leaders seem like glad and and they don’t want to disturb Israel until the last Palestinian killed by Israel drones. I hope European citizen will wake up their leaders and call them end sufferin dramas of Palestinians. The perfect useless organization UN is again trapped by USA and even couldn't call for simple cease-fire. Nonetheless we shouldn’t forget 'we are on the same ship, there is a hole at the Middle East part of our ship' and I am afraid if we stay so motionless Israel will sink our ship.

Ozcan Tikit