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Image for EU parliament campaign risks Italian censorship

EU parliament campaign risks Italian censorship

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Immigration posters with a digital fingerprint ... the Italian government is annoyed by the indirect digs of official EU posters inviting the public to vote in this summer's European elections. The self-censorship begins

'I thank Berlusconi for his criticism because it is going make people talk about our communication campaign.' The conservative Alejo Vidal-Quadras, vice-president of the European parliament, sarcastically dealt with matters in this way on 17 March, during parliament’s campaign presentation pushing for participation in the European elections in June 2009

Europe; a fortress or a public garden?

For now it seems that the self-censorship is having its intended effect in parliament. The jpeg files for the first two posters are not available on the European parliament’s election webpage, except for in Italian

   To what extent must the financial markets be controlled?

It is a scandal which will undo the good initiative of the German company which devised the campaign for the European parliament

What should we invest in?

This is the most daring and politically incorrect campaign that someone from Europe could imagine for one simple reason; it utilises symbols which political parties and countries have previously utilised. To a certain extent this welcomes ideological and policy identification, between conservatives, liberals, green, socialists, communists, the far-right, nationalists, as well as others

What type of diet do we want?

In comparison to the lethargic European politics to which MPs and delegates have us accustomed, this is a theme park full of attractions

Translated from Peligra la campaña del parlamento ante la censura