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Estonia and Hungary share similar positions on energy security issues

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 10 July 2008 – At today’s meeting between Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and the Foreign Minister of Hungary, Kinga Goncz, energy economy and security were the main topics discussed. The Prime Minister noted that Estonia supports the goals of the European Union Climate and Energy Package, but also considers the safeguarding of energy security on such isolated energy islands as the Baltic States to be very important.“It is important for Estonia to diversify its energy portfolio, but the establishment of transmission network connections with the internal market of the European Union is no less important,” said the Prime Minister.

Together, it was noted that the provision of energy security greatly depends on the development of electricity and gas interconnection pipelines between the Member States.

Andrus Ansip stated that energy security in the European Union must be understood in a wider sense, not only as the security of supply of gas and oil supplies, but the security of supply of electric energy as well.

Kinga Goncz noted that Hungary covers almost 40% of its energy needs from nuclear electricity, and gas supplies, which have been marked for diversification, have become the main energy security problem.

At the meeting, cyber security and the cooperation between research and development activities were also touched upon briefly.