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Thanks to some readers, we found out that what we wrote yesterday about Regnum newsagency is not exactly what happened. Giving our most sincere apologies, we include here part of the discussion we had about the article and we hope such criticism about our lines will keep increasing as it is happening in these days.

This sounds somewhat out of line for Regnum, so I did a few Google searchs, for example with the words "Saku" and "Stroomi" in the domain. I couldn't find anything even vaguely similar to a boycott recommendation, not in Russian and not in English.

However, above several articles on Estonia I discovered an advertising banner for Komsomolskaya Pravdas coverage of the Estonian statue crisis that happened for more than a year ago. Following the link to Komsomolskaya Pravda you can actually find a list with the abovementioned Estonian companies:

The article is from November last year. It is somewhat surprising that Regnum is still using this banner, but the boycott list is not a part of Regnum content.

I wrote about Komsomolka's role in the Russian information war against Estonia in May last year:

3. On Friday, August 1 2008, 12:07 by Giovanni Angioni

I have to say that I posted these lines after a presser I got to my personal mail from a colleague of mine I consider seriously reliable and, even though I cannot read Russian for checking it - my fault, I know - While I have been double checking, I have found the following articles referring to that:

Baltic Course:

Baltic Business News

Anyway, I have to sincerely thank you for starting this discussion as it shows that we have critical readers who really cares about what we write: something incredibly important for motivating us on keeping an eye on the quality of the material we publish.

4. On Friday, August 1 2008, 14:20 by Kalle Kniivilä

The origin of the whole strory seems to be this article in Eesti Päevaleht two days ago:

Eesti Päevaleht clearly states that the link from the Regnum banner goes to an old newspaper article from 2007. However, Eesti Päevaleht erroneously writes that the article content is from Regnum, which is isn't:

"Neid jooke me ei joo," veenab Regnum ja kirjutab keelatud joogitootjateks A Le Cog AS-i, Coca-Cola Eesti AS-i ja Saku Õlletehase AS-i.