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Entering Bratislava

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Jude Lister


We, the “Tallinns” left Prague this morning. Big thanks to Jass who came all the way from Paris to help us out. (Well, Jass also got a chance to exit the Nisi Masa office for a while and get some fresh air). And thanks to Hetta, our local help in Berlin, who actually followed us to Prague.

(I’ve been trying to allure the local hosts in every city to follow us to the next stop as well, and Hetta was the first one. Anyway, it’s good that Hetta is adjusting herself to the Nisi Masa living, as she’s the coordinator for the next breakthough Nisi Masa project: Polyglot.) Everyone who missed the call for Istanbul Express, check out Nisi Masa’s Polyglot project, the video contest is open until 15th Dec 2010.


And now after this sponsored message above, back to Istanbul Express. I’d also like to say huge thanks to the local organizers in Prague – getting a grip of a city would be really tricky without the help from the locals. This project really wouldn’t work without you. I mean it, really, and my thanks go to all the local help in every city.

Here in Bratislava we were today warmly welcomed by Early Melons, the Slovak Nisi Masa Association. I’m happy for their plans for many nice evening programs. This is because today I decided to unpack my producer whip*. The teams will have busy working days ahead and it’s good someone else has planned fun stuff after the working hours. I can stick to being the slave master. The time has come to start seeing the first cuts of the upcoming films, so farewell artistic wondering, welcome intensive editing hours.

the whip, it is a metaphor. Just to get it right.

By Hannaleena Hauru

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