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[eng] When the football do strike

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Nader Eid

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Strike is a way for the employee to show their dissatisfaction to their employer. At the moment, we could almost say  that it is became a trend. But we forget often that this is a universal right that everyone can exercise. And while the Euro 2016 take place,  cafébabel offers you some example of strikes that affected the Football World.

Football is often cataloged as  being a corrupt sport  money. Between corruption, big wages,  and large transfer pricing, we'd be tempted to say that this is another  planet. However, in some times, footballer reminder us they are like us, people with right. And they come to claim them their with strike movement.

Spain : Unpaid players by their clubs

En August 2011, Spanish Footballers Association launch a strike movement. Spain footballers accuse clubs of not paying their players, and for several months.  AFE claim reimbursement of wages due, but also the possibility for players to break their contract after more than 3 months of unpaid wages. Results: AFE get 10 million euros, instead of  50 million euros claimed.

Greece:  broken promises from the Federation

The country's economic situation don't have saved football clubs. Accumulating late payment and another financials problems, two club of the Greek first division were administrative relegation victim at the end of the 2013-2014's season . During this same years,  Football Greek Fédération was committed to create a background of stability to remunerate players clubs in economic situation very precarious. Fédération having no respect its promises, n’ayant pas tenu ses promesses, the players Association launched a strik movement in December 2015. This one lasted... one week, time for the Federation to create the background of stability promised.

Argentina : Football strike in the country of  Maradona

In 2001, Argentina know serious economic crises affecting football. Clubs are adrift and  three divisions of argentine football accumulate debts of 112 millions euros , whose 19 millions for players. Players decide to get in strike, up to claim the clean and simple relegation of bad payers. After 10 days of strike, an eternity in this country loving football, an agreement was found with  Fédération that engaged to pay 35% of the money owed players and spread the rest over a period of 18 month.

And bonus...

We also have cited the Encouragement strikes of supporter (Marseille, Reindeer, Bordeaux,etc.), those will complain about bad results of their team.

The famous serial of Knysna durind which the players of team France refused getting of the bus to protest against the setting gap of their team mate, Nicolas Anelka

There were also a football referee strikes (France, Portugal) claiming the best pay. And same the . Et même les dFrench football club managers threatened to boycott  one day of championship to protest against the famous tax  75% of President Hollande.  

The greek, Spanish and Argentine example, we show a picture more human of football. Economic crisis also affect football and mainly little clubs. That said, the very great Spanish club, for example,  appear invincible so they accumulate the famous debt. But this is anoter debate…

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Translated from Quand le ballon rond se met en grève