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Samantha Kellogg

After an aeroplane disappeared under strange circumstances a few months back, a Malaysia Airlines plane has been in the spotlight once again, but with an aircraft accident this time.

The same airline that operated flight MH370, that disappeared this past March in the Indian Ocean, has done it again. This time an aeroplane that carried 295 passengers has fallen in Ukranian territory, specifically the city of Donetsk which has been the site of the year's bloodiest scenes. The dispute between Russia and Ukraine has developed here, for the most part. The plane originated in the Dutch city of Schipol, and there were 35 Dutchmen, 23 Americans and at least 4 Frenchmen amongst the passengers. All the passengers died instantly, since the aeroplane had been ablaze before falling to the ground, according to witnesses of the accident. The Dutch press is saying that the control tower had lost contact with the plane since 17:00. In this case, it seems that it was an accident caused by a ground-to-air missile. At least, that's what has been documented by the press agencies. As a matter of fact, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo confirms that “both Russia and Ukraine use this kind of weaponry. The Buk missile system is a family of medium range anti-aircraft missiles developed by the former Soviet Union and Russia to attack guided missiles, choppers and drones”, in regards to everything this suggests being a product of said war, a war that has had a considerable impact on innocent citizens.

If what the press agencies allege is true, Ukranian President, Petro Poroshenko, wasn't wrong, since a few hours after the accident he confirmed the following: “In the past few days, this is the third such tragic case, after a An-26 and Su-25 were destroyed. We are not ruling out that this aeroplane was also hit and we wish to emphasise that the Ukranian military did not shoot down any airborne targets”.

The Malaysian government has already said that an investigation to found out what really

happened will be opened, to see if this was an accident or terrorist attack. Meanwhile, all

aeroplanes will avoid flying over the area of Donetsk afer this air disaster, in fear that an accident

of these proportions may affect them.

At this time, there are already hundreds of photos of the tragedy in circulation over the Internet;

many of them were largely collected through the hashtag #MH17 on the renowned social

network Twitter. It's not clear if there has been a terrorist attack on 7/17/2014. If so, it will be a

sorrowful date for many.