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[eng] Brexit : 4 truth 

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The British choice to leave the UE, following the June 23 referendum plunges Europe and perhaps the whole world into  uncertainty. Paradoxically, we can share fourth evidence. And , in the calm, imagine solutions.

Fear what we don't know 

70 % of the Erasmus génération (under 25 years) voted to remain, thus 60 % of Londons. Put another way, a vote in favor of Brexit come from cities in difficulty (special mention to the Welsh beset with profound sociales difficulty and that voted to 52.5 % for the Leave). It is economically vital for the European States to invest more in Education and Cultural Exchange. Take an example and imagine a world where all the students will have the chance to know three language and to live abroad for a small period. It's not a measure of Bears, it's future. And the best remedy against ignoring and anger  vote. 


In some people; it is so diabolical they are ready to let the world burn to complacency. Salacious big up to Nigel Farage (leader of the UKIP, ndlr), Boris Johnson (that leaded while the campaign, ndlr), and at their French and Italian facsimiles : Marine Le Pen (président of the FN in France, ndlr) and Matteo Salvini (leader of the North league, ndlr). The idea ? Going to clash, treat his punchlines and to prepare to deflate their big head with weapons as natural as youth, universalism and integration.

The Populism

European government will now become increasingly populist. Yes yes!Germany, it speak also to you: stop taking this tone so authoritarian like your government does not exceed a left right by people as unsavory as the members of UKIP. You want assume the leadership in Europe ? Think a little less to banks, little more to the people. It should finally tell your finance ministers, Wolfgang Schäuble, that less austerity will invest little more to the growth. Otherwise it has already dreaming someone austerity? Ah yes, sorry, the dreams it is for the hippies. 


If you want go fast, go there alone. If you want go away, go there together. Uniteg Kingdom taked the appareance of an economic leader, in UE for years,  as 5th economic poer in the world. It contibutes to the UE budget until £ 150 million (186 million euro, ndlr), every week. All that, unhurriedly getting all the privileges he wants from the late 70. The United prefers playing solo? Okay, China and the Middle East are already relish the idea to buy it. Sale.

Translated from Brexit : 4 vérités crues