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Energy Sustainable Development Management MBA in France and Azerbaijan

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The Atlantic-Ural College

Our modern societies have been shaped by fossil energies which have carried us to an unprecedented level of development. For the next decades those energies will carry on being important actors and mainsprings of the economic world.

But it is necessary to start preparing an imperative transition for our future; furthermore efforts in the field of renewable energies will be leading to growth, wealth and employmentConsidering these facts, the French business school IPAG and the Khazar University of Baku decided to create a new MBA dealing with energy and sustainable development management.This MBA aims to give tomorrow’s actors the keys of a political, economical, geopolitical and environmental comprehension of the energy issues so that they will be able to anticipate the future and to act. In order to reach this goal, the training programme is focused on four main ideas: - The oil and gas scene- International relations and energy markets- Risk and financial analysis of energy market and projects- Environmental issues.Let’s discover the presentation brochure (see attachment). 


Head of the Programme