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Drifting away

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On a hot summer day water is sometimes more valuable than a diamond. When the sweltering heat is too much, you start dreaming of the sea, the beach of an exotic island and you – under the sun shade, taking a sip of the cold cocktail next to you…

However much you may long for water, you won’t be very pleased if your colleague "Wylac kubel zimnej wody na glowe" - pours a bucket of it on your head, and brings you back to earth with a jolt. It is a fair bet that after this you will be "Blut und Wasser schwitzen"; German for in a cold sweat.

As they say in Catalan, bad news, "caure com una gerra d'aigua freda" – falls like a cold water glass. But look at it in a positive way – having to experience this disappointment, you automatically " " – have a glass of cold water, as the Bulgarians say. It is also important not to forget that all these problems are relatively insignificant – don’t "fare una tempesta in un bicchiere d'acqua", as the cool-headed Italians would have it – don’t make a storm in a glass of water.

Illustration: Henning Studte