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Discovering Estonia: *Update*

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After the unexpected success of our new section which attracted more than 600 readers over the weekend, we decided to bring it forward and to start planning our next steps. And, as we could not survive without you all, everyone is invited! Impressive.

The way people reacted to our short visit to Sillamae has been rather impressive, and what you see on these pages is nothing compared to all the private messages and feedbacks we got after those posts.Something to be proud of, this is sure, but which cannot be considered other than a positive beginning.Discovering Estonia has ambitious goals and we are well determined on working hard for reaching them: we want to show the country to our European public for what it is, to tell the stories people keep hidden in every corner of the country and explain that this is not just a "post-Soviet country" but a place where people live and lived, where the word history do not mean only occupation and liberation.As some of you might know already, we will soon go back to Sillamae for trying to see what has been impossible to see last week but, as for now, we have another proposal for you.On the next Sunday we decided to leave Tallinn again and head to Paldiski, another closed city used for nuclear purposes during the Soviet era. Probably we will not be allowed - as usual - to get exactly what we want, but this does not mean that we will not walk in Paldiski streets, talk to local people and then present to our public another of those places they have never heard before.The whole trip will be fast - going and coming back on the same day - and surely intense and this is why we thought about inviting you all.Yes, exactly, you all.If you are up to a different Sunday, if you want to discover with us a place even many Estonians do not know or if you think that you might help us on understanding better what we will find in front ofe our eyes, you just have to do one thing: join us.So, if you feel that you are brave enough for jumping on the same bus as us and help our fellow Europeans on learning what Estonia really is, drop us a line on and we will give you all the details.We are waiting for you!