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Image for Discovering Estonia: From Tallinn to Paldiski

Discovering Estonia: From Tallinn to Paldiski

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Nellli, 24. In Paldiski for the second time in her life.

"I would like to see how it is. I remember it as a grey city and I would like to see if it changed during the last few years. I remember an impressive coast but also an impressive amount of garbage there: but 4 years are passed and I am sure the situation must have improved.

It will also be interesting to see if we will be accepted by local people or everyone will be suspiciously looking at us".

Jaana,  20. First time in Paldiski

"I have a friend who comes from Paldiski and I am curious to discover the place where he lived because I have never been there. The whole city is interesting especially because it used to be a ghost one, completely secret, and everything which is secret it is always interesting!"

Massimo, 29. First time in Paldiski

" I want to see some different sides of Estonia.  To see how nuclear plants were organized and the way they finally got rid of that. But I do not know how people will accept us as I don’t know how many foreigners there will be there: I hope they will not think that I am there for having some easy fun of their history. My curiosity is sincere"

Angelo, 27. First time in Paldiski

"After what I heard about that place and considering that I am pretty much interested on the history of the last century, I am really curious to see how it looks like and to walk in a place with such a nuclear past."

Giovanni, 26. First time in Paldiski

"Since when I elected Estonia as my new home, I decided to see everything I can of this country. And as a lot of people adviced me not to go to Paldiski, I could not resist to the idea of walking around a place so avoided by people. And, as someone might have understood from the Sillamae's episode, I am completely fascinated by the history and the present of these "forgotten"places."