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Diary: Vilnius and I, reluctant bedfellows

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The passion evaporated years ago, after the capital became expensive and inconvenient to live in, or maybe since I stopped being a student. However, jobs for a social science graduate with a Lithuanian passport are here. Anecdote from expat blogger 'Wonderland

So the cohabitation continues. I need to get out of Vilnius periodically to start appreciating what I have again. But afterwards the city grabs me back to its frigid embrace, holds me to its hairy chest, sticky with traffic jams, and mumbles, You are at home, my child.

Though in NYCI only rediscover this city when I have tourists around. Indeed, there is much beauty to observe, and lots of convenience compared to many other cities. Coming back from Israel, it's amazing how many trees this country has in the first place. There are several cosy parks, and the joys of Uzupis are still waiting for me. Then again, here goes the gloomy side: some buildings are still for sale/rent just as they were when I left. Drivers still enjoy risking our lives and splashing poor pedestrians with dirty water as they pass by. People's faces look more worried than ever.

But this city does have something about it...

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Image: ©Linas Justice aka Flickr