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Declaration of principles

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You are reading the official blog of the local team of based in Budapest. This site has been lanuched not only to report about our acitvites, but only to make Europe, and you, Babelians, aquainted with everyday life of people living in this beautiful city and to discover our what-abouts.

Furthermore, this blog is predestinated to treat of Europe as well, and of those people living in this old continent. You will find news, facts and comments, explanations and reports, so everything that a blog should be about.

Before saying anything here is a piece from the film The Citizen Kane:

(A. Grimaldi) “Declaration of Principles”. Don't smile, Mezes. Got it all written out. Declaration of Principles.

(Mezes L.): You don't wanna make any promises, Grimaldi, you don't wanna keep.

(Grimaldi): These will be kept. I'll provide the people of this city with a a blog that will tell all the news honestly. I will also provide them...

(Jaradi J.) That's the second sentence you've started with "I."

(A. Grimaldi) That’s a blog. People are gonna know who's responsible. And they're gonna get the truth in the quickly and simply and entertainingly and no special interests are gonna be allowed to interfere with the truth. I will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of their rights as citizens and as human beings.

Signed, Alessandro P. Grimaldi.

(Jaradi J.) Can I have that, Alessandro?

(A. Grimaldi) I'm gonna posting it.

(Exerption from the The Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles, 1941)

Dear Babelias,

However there is no Charles Foster Kane(x) among us (though we would be happy about it), we promise from the deep of our heart - dear Reader - that we will do our work according to his declaration of principles. Thus, we will commit ourselves to show you the truth, mothing but the plain truth, spontaneously without any consratint , just as we think and see.

Kind regards,

The blog-editorial team of Babel Budapest

(x) The protagonist of one of the most famous film of cinematics. Journalist, editor in chief, politician, milliardaire. He has blated his life behind the wings of journasism and politics.A man, who has always been dreamed of having a sledge and a man for who his mother wanted the best....he might as well has been a famous blogger of the 40's.

About the movie: The story traces the life and career of Charles Foster Kane, a man whose career in the publishing world was born of idealistic social service, but gradually evolved into a ruthless pursuit of power and ego at any cost. Narrated principally through flashbacks, the story is revealed through the research of a newspaper reporter seeking to solve the mystery of the newspaper magnate's dying word, "Rosebud." Citizen Kane is often cited as being one of the most innovative works in the history of film.

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