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Codroipo (Udine): K - The Art of Living Comix

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Villa Manin, Codroipo (Udine) 10-12 June 2011

For the people in the nearby of the Italian city of Udine, there is the next weekend K - The Art of Living Comix. The festival is promoted by Safarà editore, a publishing house, is an opportunity for seeing in which different ways this young art develops nowadays: graphic novel, graphic journalism, sketchcrawling, the Italian Bonelli style.


Just a short and incomplete list of the authors host at K - The Art of Living Comix: Stefano Babini, Franco Devescovi, Davide Pascutti, Andrea Longhi. Opening Friday 7th of June at 8:45 pm. The complete programme here. Copertina_Coppi_pascutti.jpg