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CAFEBABEL.COM/CHINA section will be publish the special reports of TÜSIAD CHINA on CHINA-EU/CHINA TURKEY RELATIONS with the special cooperation of TUSIAD BEIJING OFFICE..For this reason, I would like to special thanks to the Represantative of the TUSIAD CHINA, MRS.IRAZ TURHAN.

Before the publishing the reports we would like to introduce the TÜSIAD AND TÜSIAD CHINA;

TÜSİAD is a voluntary based civil society organisation founded by Turkish industrialists and businessmen in 1971 with the objective of representing the business world.

TÜSİAD aims to contribute to the formation and development of a social order wherein the institutions and rules of the universal principles of human rights, freedom of thought, belief and enterprise, a secular state of law, understanding of participatory democracy, liberal economy, competitive market economy as well as a sustainable environmental balance are adopted.

TÜSİAD holds activities; in line with the targets and principles foreseen by Atatürk, in the understanding of Turkey catching and surpassing the modern civilisation level and according to the belief that the business people taking into consideration the equality between women and men in terms of politics, economy and education are the pioneer and entrepreneur group of the society, with the aim of fulfilling the main objective stated above.

TÜSİAD, as the representative organisation of the Turkish business world working for public interest, makes an effort for the entrepreneurs to operate in accordance with the principles of universal business ethics and takes as its basis the advancement of the Turkish competitive power and social welfare, of employment, productivity, innovative capacity and the scope and quality of education through constant enhancement.

TÜSİAD contributes to the formation of national economic policies by making the best use of regional and sectoral potentials in the economic and social development of our country in an environment of social peace and conciliation. It contributes to Turkey’s promotion on a global scale and holds activities for the cultivation of international political, economic, social and cultural relations, communication, representation and cooperation networks in order to support Turkey’s European Union membership. It holds research, forms opinions, develops projects and organises activities to accelerate international integration and interaction, regional and local development.

TÜSİAD aims to establish a unity of thought and action along the lines of the objectives stated above by communicating, on behalf of the Turkish business world, the opinions and recommendations formed within this framework to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the government, other states, international bodies and the public opinion either directly or indirectly via the media or other instruments.

REPRESANTATIVE OFFICES in Brussels, Washington D.C., Beijing, Berlin and Paris are offices established by TÜSİAD to develop relations and Represent the Turkish Bussines world.

TÜSİAD Beijing Office; Closely Follow China’s Economic development, new regulations, and its development plans..It promote and develop financial, trade and investment relations and business cooperation between China and Turkey. The information sharing with Chinese counterparts on Turkey’s economic development. It provide information on economic conditions,regulations and other requirements ..

TÜSİAD Beijing Office aims to follow the developments in China and the Asia-Pacific region, to support the China based Asian-Pacific activities of the Turkish private sector and to contribute to the development of the trade and economic relations between Turkey and China. The Office also continues to work in order to assist with the export, investment and partnership relations of TÜSİAD members in China and to inform the Chinese parties about Turkish economy.